Posted by Suzie on Jul 15th 2022

Barbiecore is the latest fashion aesthetic and is inspired by a plastic doll - The Barbie Doll. The doll has evolved over the years, but one thing has stayed constant: her hot-pink outfits and accessories.

Are you a fan of Barbiecore? Do you love bright and colorful jewelry? Prepare to be inspired as you learn how to style this bright and vibrant trend for every beautiful woman in 2022 and beyond.

How has the Barbie Doll evolved over the years?

The Barbie doll has had a common theme over the years, representing glamorous and beautiful women of each decade.

Barbie had its debut in 1959, representing iconic women like Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn. Each decade, there was a new advancement that made Barbie unique and perfect for everyone - today she is now available in curvy, petite, and tall body types, as well as a range of skin tones and hairstyles.

What Famous Women Love the Barbiecore Trend?

Have you noticed that Lizzo and Nicki Manaj are  lovers of the Barbiecore trend? How about fashion icons Kim Kardashian or Margot Robbie?

Many confident, influential, and beautiful women today have been all over this new “hot girl summer” trend. Women have taken this trend to the next level by dying their hair pink. Dua Lipa's new hair color, which taps into the current Barbiecore trend, is shamelessly vivid, and fits her vibe very well.

Hailey Beiber, Khloé Kardashian, Christine Quinn, Megan Fox, Florence Pugh, and Kacey Musgraves have recently rocked the Barbiecore trend with their bright and vibrant hot pink outfits, and they don’t seem to have any plans on stopping soon.

Where else has this trend been shown? What other stylish pieces are vibrant and portray the Barbiecore trend in everyday fashion?

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