Posted by Suzie on Jun 3rd 2021

It’s graduation season and we are so excited to discuss our favorite graduation gifts for women and girls. Graduation is a rite of passage, one of the most memorable and significant moments in a young person’s life. Whether you’re a middle school graduate, high school graduate, college graduate, or a post-grad, celebrate this major accomplishment.

If you’re looking for a personal and sentimental graduation gift to celebrate this milestone for your daughter, granddaughter, BFF, or girlfriend, we’ve got you covered.

Why Is Jewelry One of The Best Gifts For A Recent Graduate?

Jewelry is a personal, sentimental, enduring and valued gift at an accessible price. Entering the workforce or making friends in college is much easier when you feel confident, which is why jewelry makes a great graduation gift for high school and college graduates.

A great gift will touch the heart of the person you're gifting it to. If your friend, sister, or child is getting ready for college, moving out, or making future travel plans, give them a gift that they will cherish, remember and use. Studies have shown that people felt closer to someone who gave them a more usable gift than one that seemed fancier.

Of all gift options, jewelry is one of the best gifts you can get her. Jewelry speaks of your love and affection for the receiver. Gifts ranging from stunning Silver to gorgeous Gold pieces to even the luster of Freshwater Pearls are a great place to start.

What Are The Questions To Ask When Considering Jewelry As A Gift?

  1. What type of jewelry does she typically wear? 
  2. What do her friends wear? 
  3. Who do they follow on Instagram and Tiktok? 
  4. Do they prefer Gold or Silver?
  5. What's their Style or design preference? Is she the kind of person who prefers an understated earring? Bold statement earrings, or would she prefer the elegant or glitzy kind?
  6. What milestone they have reached?  Are they starting a new job?  Are they heading to college? 

Stacked By Suzie Recommends These 15 Graduation Gift Options for Women and Girls

  1. SBS Classic Gameday Stack
  2. Key to My Heart Pearl Necklace
  3. SBS 14K Gold Beaded Bracelet
  4. Just Wanna Have Fun Necklace
  5. Heart Lock Half Gold and Half Pearl Necklace
  6. Pearly Butterfly Earrings
  7. Golden Necklace
  8. Rainbow Choker
  9. SBS Mini Enamel Bolts
  10. Mini Eye Heart You
  11. Crazy in Love
  12. SBS 14K Tube Hoops
  13. Barbie Pink Bolts and Neon White Stars
  14. Electric Love Stacks
  15. SBS Original Snakes

If you're shopping for your best friend, you can get her a matching set of Stacked By Suzie jewelry to show her how much she means to you. You can share the other pair with her and reminisce whether she is close to you or far away.

However you choose to congratulate her, our collection of Gameday Jewelry is the perfect way to celebrate.

Are you seeking more gifts for her that you can't find on this list?

Reach out to us via email at and we will put together a unique graduation gift, packaged just for her.