You're off to college -Congrats ! Now it's time to shop for the cutest accessories for Gamedays, themed parties and more. Getting ready for college Gameday is all about showing school spirit while being trendy and comfy. Creating stylish college outfits on a budget can be both fun and challenging.  As college students, we have the tips and outfit ideas to help you look trendy without breaking the bank. 

Choose a theme

Start by adding your school colors, names & mascots into your outfits - think t shirts, sweatshirts, socks, hats, gloves, scarves, etc.

Base your earrings, necklaces and bracelets on your college colors or mascot to help create a coordinated look.

Stackedbysuzie has over 300 college earring stacks making it easy for you to coordinate with your outfits.  Just type in your college name, colors, or mascot and you're ready! If you don't see your specific college, just reach out to us and we'll create earrings stacks for you and add to our site. 

Ears not pierced? No problem. We have the cutest custom Gameday bracelets and necklaces - check them out here:

Smart Shopping

Thrift stores and second-hand shops. Places like GoodwillPlato's CloseteBayDePopSalvation Army and Poshmark have great deals on trendy College-branded clothing. You'd be surprised what you can find at your local shops! 

Student Discounts

Many stores offer discounts to students so be sure to take advantage of these savings and sign up! Sites like myunidays, studentbeans, asos, adidas and new balance offer discounts. 

Stacked By Suzie has free shipping over $35 so be sure to take advantage of this limited time offer.

Love Stacked By Suzie? We're on a mission to recruit ambassadors who are ready to shine on campuses nationwide. As a SBS ambassador, students will act as brand reps by promoting SBS on their campuses by hosting fun events, engaging with community focused social media, and more. 

Earring Stacks

For a fun and coordinated look, our customized college Gameday and Spirit earring stacks have made us the #1 site for your college gameday style since 2019! 

Here's how to create your very own college earring stacks:

For a double piercing, select your base earring. Choose either the baby star huggie hoops or mini enamel lightning bolt  as your base for the first lobe piercing (the bottom or closest to your face).

We recommend that you keep the smallest earrings at the top and gradually increase in size as you go down the ear. This helps to create a balanced and visually appealing stack. 

Here's an example of our navy blue bolt and orange baby star that together make our Classic Gameday Earring Stack, perfect for UVA AuburnSyracuse and University of Florida.  

Mix and Match

Don't be afraid to be creative! Wear different designs in each ear to create an asymmetrical but balanced look. For example, wear a  baby star  in one ear and a lightning bolt in the other 

Layer with Color Coordinated Bracelets 

Add more school spirit to your outfits by layering with the cutest college themed bracelets like our Tailgate Bracelet Stacks,  Love my College Bracelet,and these gold and silver Gameday bracelets  perfect for football, soccer, basketball, lacrosse games and more!

Our bracelets are handmade in the USA and are adjustable making them the perfect graduation gift, gift for your new roommate, best friend, college bound besties, family or as a treat for yourself. 

Add A Colorful Gameday Beaded Necklace 

Are you a trendsetter? Love fashion? Obsessed with style? 

Then you'll love our adorable handmade beaded Gameday necklace! Featuring your custom college colors, catchphrase or mascot, the highest quality freshwater pearls and the cutest charms like dice, peace signs, yin yang, smiley faces, hearts, stars, fruit and more you will turn heads all over campus. Customize your necklace as seen here with your favorite charms. 

Handmade by us, in the USA, your personalized gameday necklace will represent your style and college that no one else will own!

Feel confident wearing Stacked By Suzie as all of our Gameday jewelry is hypoallergenic, high quality and comes with a 100% happiness guarantee so you can wear and enjoy it for many years!

May 19th 2024 suzie

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